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John Holt, trumpet, has appeared as a soloist with orchestras throughout the United States and Europe. Holt began studying trumpet at the age of 12 with Richard Giangiulio, principal trumpet of the Dallas Symphony. He continued his studies at the University of Miami with Gilbert D. Johnson, former principal trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra. At age 24, Holt became the principal trumpet of the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence, Italy, Zubin Mehta, music director. In 2003, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Trumpet of the College of Music at the University of North Texas. Holt is principal trumpet of the Dallas Opera Orchestra and is a Yamaha Performing Artist. He performs on the Yamaha "Chicago" C trumpet and is a consultant for TrumCor mutes. Holt's CDs on Crystal have received unanimous critical acclaim, with Gramophone Magazine saying "Holt plays with perfect technique and intonation, altering his sound to suit..challenging works."  In May 2006 Holt reunited with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra to record trumpet concertos by French composers.


CD762: Facets: JOHN HOLT, Trumpet.  Music for solo and multiple trumpets. Wintle: Ballade and Three Studies for Trumpet Ensemble; Luening: Introduction and Allegro; Clarke: From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific and The Southern Cross; lo Presti: Suite for Five Trumpets; Peeters: Sonata for Trumpet & Piano; Ellington: I'm Beginning To See The Light and Sophisticated Lady; Tull: Canonical Trilogy for four trumpets. With Natalia Bolshakova, piano; trumpet ensemble; Ricky Duhaime, conductor.   BUY NOW

"Every item on John Holt's new recording lives up to the title 'Facets'. The programme is diverse, ranging from Herbert Clarke trumpet bonbons and smashing arrangements of Duke Ellington tunes to more adventurous contemporary fare...Ronald Lo Presti's Suite for Five Trumpets is a celebration of fanfares and interweaving lines, while Fisher Tull's Canonical Trilogy for four trumpets manages to pack an enormous amount of interesting sounds into three movements. Another winner is James Wintle's Three Studies for trumpet ensemble, whose audacious energy tests the virtuosity of its exultants (but they triumph)... Holt is an elegant, sensitive artist." Gramophone, Awards issue 2004
"Holt is a fine, expressive player with a pleasant tone quality, clean articulation, and excellent technical skills...All [the works] are played with beautiful tone and blend by Holt and his Texas trumpet friends Rick Bogard, Keith Johnson, Adam Gordon, Bert Truax, and Jimmy Tullos."
American Record Guide, Nov/Dec 2004
"If you like trumpets, this is a civilized humdinger."
Fanfare, Nov/Dec 2004 UPC 00941477628

Sound samples for CD762 (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Wintle: Ballade
  Mozart: Kyrie for Five Sopranos  Luening:  Introduction & Allegro  Clarke: From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific  lo Presti: Suite  Mvt 1 (Intrada)  Mvt 2 (Chorale)  Mvt 3 (Finale)  Peeters: Sonata  Mvt 1 (Allegro)  Mvt 2 (Aria)  Mvt 3 (Finale)  Ellington: I'm Beginning to See the Light  Sophisticated Lady  Clarke: The Southern Cross   Tull: Canonical Trilogy for four trumpets Mvt 1 (Allegro)  Mvt 2 (Lento) Mvt 3 (Allegretto)  Wintle: Three Studies for Trumpet Ensemble Mvt 1 (Allegro Moderato)  Mvt 2 (Unhurried)  Mvt 3 (Allegro Vivace)

CD763:  UNconventional Trumpet.  John Holt, Trumpet. Natalia Bolshakova, piano.  Music by University of North Texas composers.  Merrill Ellis, Einyah Festival.  Rule Beasley, Fanfare and Scherzo.  Cindy McTee, Fanfare for Trumpets.  Martin Mailman, Concertino, Op. 31.  Fisher Tull, Eight Profiles for Solo Trumpet; Three Bagatelles.  Larry Austin, Charley's Cornet.  William P. Latham, Suite for Trumpet.  With Keith Johnson, trumpet; Mark Ford, percussion; Mark Ford, percussion, assisted by Jason Baker, percussion.   BUY NOW

UNconventional Trumpet was inspired by a great teacher, John James Haynie, who taught trumpet at the University of North Texas from 1950 to 1990.  Most of the pieces on this CD were dedicated to Haynie.  John Holt was appointed appointed Professor of Trumpet at UNT in 2003. 
"John Holt plays with a pleasingly warm tone and seemingly effortless technique." Fanfare, May/June 2005
"Sweet, burnished tone and excellent intonation."
  American Record Guide, May/June 2005
"Unconventional Trumpet is an excellent recording of difficult trumpet literature by University of North Texas composers and this is the first-known recording of some of these works. The high quality of this recording, the precision of the ensembles, and John Holt's excellent performances, especially all eight of Tull's Profiles, should be of particular interest to college teachers and students."
  The Instrumentalist, December 2005
"Holt's performance is very precise with impeccable rhythm and an agility that impresses."
  International Trumpet Guild Journal, Jan. 2006
UPC 009414776327 

Sound samples for CD763 (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Ellis: Einyah Festival  Beasley:  Fanfare and Scherzo   McTee:  Fanfare for Trumpets   Mailman: Concertino Mvmt 1  Mvmt 2  Mvmt 3   Tull: Profiles  I
II III IV V VI VII VIII   Austin: Charley's Cornet   Latham:  Suite for Trumpet Mvmt 1  Mvmt 2  Mvmt 3  Tull: Three Bagatelles  I II III


CD764:  Facets 2: John Holt, Trumpet.  With Natalia Bolshakova, Piano; Paul Fried, Flute.  Eric Ewazen: Sonata; Joseph Turrin: Two Portraits; James Wintle: Northwest Miniatures; Merrill Ellis: Trumpet Piece; Fisher Tull: Vignette; Francine Trester: Patricia's Aria; George Gershwin: Someone to Watch Over Me; Kent Kennan: Sonata. BUY NOW

"One of the standards of the trumpet repertoire, Kent Kennan's Sonata, is here in all its accomplished glory...Holt plays [throughout the CD] with perfect technique and intonation, altering his sound deftly to suit the multitude of colors packed into these challenging works."  Gramophone, May 2005
"Facets 2 is a first-rate recording."
  The Instrumentalist, October 2005
"The performances are excellent and the sound quality, in the Texas Mesquite Arts Centre, is thoroughly sympathetic."
  Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb, Feb. 2007
"John Holt has bestowed upon the trumpet community another excellent recording of some great recital repertoire...His rich, velvety tone is especially remarkable on Turrin's exciting Two Portraits, as well as the stirring Someone to Watch Over Me. His performance of the Ewazen Sonata highlights his great control over a variety of tonal colors...Overall, this disc offers the listener very high quality performances of some wonderful recital repertoire, both standard and less traditional. I recommend this CD highly."
  Peter Wood, ITG Journal, October 2005
UPC 00941477642

Sound samples for CD764 (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Ewazen:  Sonata  Mvmt 1  Mvmt 2  Mvmt 3   Turrin: Two Portraits  Psalm  Incantation    Wintle: Northwest Miniatures  Mvmt 1  Mvmt 2  Mvmt 3  Mvmt 4   Ellis: Trumpet Piece    Tull: Vignette   Trester: Patricia's Aria   Gershwin:  Someone to Watch Over Me    Kennan: Sonata  Mvmt 1  Mvmt 2  Mvmt 3


CD765: Trumpet Concertos.  John Holt, Trumpet; Slovak Radio Orchestra, Kirk Trevor, Conductor.  ALEXANDRA PAKHMUTOVA, Concerto for Trumpet in Bb; ERIC EWAZEN, Concerto for Trumpet and Strings; ANTHONY PLOG, Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet and Orchestra.
's works are imbued with the spirit of Russian life, folk tunes, and impressions of the country. Ewazen, faculty member at The Juilliard School, has written many works for brass and is the recipient of numerous composition awards and prizes. Plog, frequently recorded trumpet player and composer, is a music professor in Freiburg, Germany. BUY NOW

"The aim of this disc is to showcase the brilliant trumpet playing of John Holt, professor of trumpet at the University of  North Texas and lead trumpet with the Dallas [Opera Orchestra]. The disc achieves that aim with the same bullseye effect Holt exhibits when hitting a high note or executing a run." Fanfare Magazine, Nov/Dec 2006
"Anthony Plog ... began writing rhythm-driven ... works in the early 1990s. This is by far his best piece. It is long (28 minutes), challenging, intricate, fascinating, and melodically beautiful."
American Record Guide, Nov/Dec 2006
"The music on this CD is entirely approachable and highly entertaining. [Holt] has a nicely rounded but colorful tone, capable of chiming over an entire orchestra, but with a wide range both dynamically and expressively."
Music Web UPC 009414776525 

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Pakhmutova: Concerto for Trumpet in Bb
    Ewazen: Concerto for Trumpet and Strings: Allegro moderato   Scherzo   Elegia   Allegro agitato    Plog:  Concerto No. 2:   Allegro moderato   Adagio, with freedom   Lento; Allegro moderato

CD767: French Trumpet Concertos.  John Holt, Trumpet.  With the Slovak Radio Orchestra, Kirk Trevor, Conductor.  Henri Tomasi: Concerto pour Trompette et Orchestre; Robert Planel: Concerto pour Trompette et Orchestre ˆ cordes; AndrŽ Jolivet: IIe Concerto pour Trompette; Alfred Desenclos: Incantation, Thrne et Danse. His first four CDs on Crystal received unanimous acclaim, with Gramophone Magazine describing him as "an elegant, sensitive artist." The four concertos herein are a feast for the sensibilities: lyrical or dramatically expressive; rhythmically or harmonically nodding to the popularity of jazz; reflective of modern chamber music and symphonic music first heard in Paris in the 1920s; or expressing new ideologies.  BUY NOW

"Another winner for Crystal Records...all four [works] are entertaining and worth hearing.  Indeed, I've been playing this recording compulsively since acquiring it a little more than a week ago...His playing leaves behind the mechanical issues of the trumpet and achieves the distinction of vocalism. It is as if he is singing through the trumpet, producing a big, warm sound when that is wanted, a subtle thinner sound when that is called for, all with the inflections of a master singer. There is a sense of relaxed confidence even in the most virtuosic passages, but also a sense of excitement and joy in the pure pleasure of playing these enchanting works."  Leonard Link, on the web, April 2007 UPC 009414776723

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Tomasi Concerto:  Mvt. 1
    Mvt. 2   Mvt 3    Planel Concerto:  Mvt.1   Mvt. 2   Mvt. 3    Jolivet Concerto:  Mvt.1   Mvt.2   Mvt.3    Desenclos:  Incantation   Thrne   Danse


CD768: Facets 3: John Holt, Trumpet.  With Sophia Grech, Mezzo Soprano; and Nataliya Sukhina, Piano. James Wintle: Distant Voices from Trumpet and String Quartet (Igor Borodin and Julia Bushkova, Violins; Katrin Meidell, Viola; Johannes Kleinmann, Cello); Barbara Harbach:  Perambulations for Trumpet and Piano; Barbara Harbach: Emily! (on texts by Emily Dickinson); Francine Trester: Four Thoreau Songs (on texts by Henry David Thoreau) for mezzo soprano, trumpet or flugelhorn, and piano; Francine Trester: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano; Joseph Klein: Die KšnigskŸnderin (for unaccompanied trumpet); Ulysses Kay: Tromba for trumpet and piano.  BUY NOW

John Holt is principal trumpet with the Dallas Opera Orchestra and trumpet professor at the University of North Texas. This is his sixth solo CD on Crystal. His first five CDs received unanimous acclaim, with Gramophone Magazine describing him as "an elegant, sensitive artist."
This CD features works written for him, plus Tromba by the well-known composer Ulysses Kay. UPC 009414776822

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Wintle: Distant Voices  
Mvt 1. Allegro   Mvt 2. Adagio Espressivo   Mvt 3. Allegro Vivo   Mvt 4. Largo; Presto    Harbach:  Perambulations for Trumpet and Piano    Harbach:  Emily!  Mvt 1.I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed   Mvt 2.If You Were Coming in the Fall   Mvt 3.Wild Nights! Wild Nights! and For Each Ecstatic Instant    Trester:  Four Thoreau Songs  Mvt 1. The Moon   Mvt 2. Indeed, Indeed   Mvt 3. Smoke   Mvt 4. I Am the Autumnal Sun    Trester:  Sonata for Trumpet and Piano  Mvt 1. Moderato   Mvt 2. Poco Adagio   Mvt 3. Allegro    Klein:  Die KšnigskŸnderin (The King-Proclaimer)    Kay:  Tromba  Mvt 1. Prologue   Mvt 2. Nocturne   Mvt 3. Mobile


CD769: Trumpet Panoply, John Holt, Trumpet. Concertos for Trumpet and Orchestra by Arutiunian, Hummel, Tartini. Also Richard Peaslee: Nightsongs  BUY NOW

John Holt: Trumpets and Flugelhorn; with UNT Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, Anshel Brusilow & Clay Couturiaux, conductors; and Slovak Radio Orchestra, Kirk Trevor, conductor.
John Holt is principal trumpet with the Dallas Opera Orchestra and trumpet professor at the University of North Texas. His first six CDs received unanimous critical acclaim, with Gramophone Magazine describing him as Òan elegant, sensitive artist with perfect technique and intonation.Ó
The three concertos herein are standards for the trumpet and the Peaslee is a wonderful 20th-century work featuring flugelhorn. UPC 009414776921. ORDER NOW    

Sound samples (mp3 files)  Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown.
Arutiunian   Concerto
    Hummel   Concerto in E flat Major   Allegro con spirito   Andante   Rondo    Tartini   Concerto   Grandioso   Andante   Allegro Grazioso    Peaslee   Nightsongs   (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)


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