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CD230-scan-for-iTunesCD230: DALLAS TRUMPETS. The Dallas Symphony Trumpet section, featuring Richard Giangiulio and Andrew McCandless with Thomas Stevens and friends. Vincent Persichetti: Parable for Solo Trumpet and Parable for Two Trumpets; Henri Tomasi: Suite for Three Trumpets; Bert Truax: Adagio and Allegro; Benjamin Britten: Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury; Stanley Friedman: Antiphonia IV; Anthony Plog: Four Concert Duets; Ulysses Kay: Three Fanfares for Four Trumpets; Thomas Stevens: The Moudon Fanfares.

 "Required listening for the enrichment of serious students of the trumpet. Hearty thanks to the magnificent Dallas Symphony trumpet section." American Record Guide UPC 009414723024   BUY NOW   

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Satie: Carillon Sonnerie   Truax:  Adagio and Allegro  Tomasi Suite:  Mvt 1(Havanaise)  Mvt 2(Lento Egeen)  Mvt 3(Danse Bolivienne)  Persichetti:  Parable for Solo Trumpet   Parable for Two Trumpets  Friedman: Antiphonia IV  Plog Duets:  Fanfare Pastoral Scherzo Dialogue    Stevens Fanfares:  Deaux a Dix  B.I.M Tranquille Clifford Epilogue   Kay: Fanfares   Britten:  Fanfare

CD232 scan for iTunesCD232: MUSIC FOR FESTIVE OCCASIONS.  Richard Giangiulio, trumpet; Paul Riedo, organ; Dallas Trumpets.    Wedding Marches: Wagner & Mendelssohn; Purcell: Trumpet Tune & The Queenís Dolour; Handel: Music from Royal Fireworks; Mouret: Suite No. 1; Jeremiah Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary; Telemann: Heroic Marches; Charpentier: Prelude & Te Deum; Buxtehude: Fanfare and Chorus; John Stanley: Trumpet Voluntary; Gervais: Pavane & Allemande; Bert Truax: Fanfare. “...golden sounds...excellent verve, rhythm, & imagination. Audio
UPC 009414723222 BUY NOW     Click here for CD cover photo and details.


Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the title shown.
Buxtehude:  Fanfare    Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary     Dances from French Renaissance     Mendelssohn: Wedding March    Telemann: Heroic Marches   Mouret:  Suite No.1   Wagner: Wedding March   Charpentier:  Prelude And Te Deum   Purcell:  The Queen’s Dolour   Intro and Trumpet Tune   Handel: La Rejouissance (From The Royal Fireworks)   Stanley: Trumpet Voluntary   Truax: Fanfare for three trumpets, organ, and timpani

CD234CD234: MUSIC FOR CEREMONY & CELEBRATION.  Richard Giangiulio, trumpet; Paul Riedo, organ; Dallas Symphony Brass & Percussion. Monteverdi: Toccata from Orfeo; Handel: Hail the Conquering Hero from Judas Maccabaeus, and Overture from The Royal Fireworks;  Purcell: Sonata and Suite for Trumpet and Organ, Roman, Suite; Jiri Linek: Intradas; Oskar Lindberg: Gammal Fäbodpsalm; Bert Truax: Call to Glory; plus Six Sonatas of the Lisbon Court Trumpet Corps, and Silver Trumpets.
UPC 009414723420 
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Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the title shown.
Monteverdi:  Toccata    Handel: Hail the Conquering Hero   Linek: Intradas   Purcell:  Sonata   Suite   Lindberg: Gammal Fäbodpsalm   Boyce: Voluntary   Anon: Bicinium   Roman: Suite Drottingholmsmusiquen   Anon: Silver Trumpets   Handel: Overture from the Royal Fireworks   Truax: Call to Glory   Anon: Six Sonatas of the Lisbon Court


CD360 cover 2x2 for ads & catalogCD360: TRUMPETER EXTRAORDINAIRE THOMAS STEVENS. UPC 009414736924. BUY NOW     


Stravinsky, Fanfare for a New Theater (w/Mario Guarneri, trumpet); Elliott Carter, Canon for Three (w/Mario Guarneri & Roy Poper, trumpets); Aurelio De La Vega, Para-Tangents (w/pre-recorded sounds); Iain Hamilton, Five Scenes (w/Ralph Grierson, piano); Henri Lazarof, Concertazioni (w/instrumental ensemble); Harold Budd, New Work #5 (w/Ralph Grierson, piano); Carlos Chávez, Soli (w/Peter Christ, oboe; David Atkins, clarinet; Kay Brightman, bassoon).

         This new CD has the works that Stevens recorded for Crystal LPs that had not been released previously on CD. Stevens died on July 14, 2018; this CD is a tribute to his spectacular playing.


"THOMAS STEVENS, TRUMPET (1938-2018), was solo trumpet with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for 28 years. He was, without a doubt, one of the world's finest brass players" said the American Record Guide.  

"He was at one and the same a virtuoso and a highly thoughtful musician. I can think of only handful who are his equal, and certainly none better" Andre Previn.  Stevens has five solo CDs.


Doc Severinson, writing about one of Stevens’ many Crystal recordings, wrote “I first heard Stevens’ new CD while lying down, which was a good thing since I would have fainted if I were standing. This recording clearly defines what is possible on the trumpet…in  a very artistic fashion.”

See Thomas Stevens. See also L.A. Brass Quintet  CD102 and  CD109 under Brass Ensembles.


CD360 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Fanfare for a New Theater     Carter: Canon for Three     De La Vega: Para-Tangents     Hamilton: Five Scenes  I. Wild   II. Nocturnal   III. Declamato   IV. Nocturnal   V. Brilliant     Lazarof: Concertazioni     Budd: New Work #5     Chávez: Soli


CD362Snapshots: ANTHONY PLOG, TRUMPET. Verne Reynolds, Music for 5 Trumpets (performed by Anthony CD362 coverPlog and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Trumpet section); Alan Hovhaness, Sonata for Trumpet and Organ (Anthony Plog, trumpet; Ladd Thomas, organ); Fisher Tull, Three Bagatelles (Anthony Plog, trumpet; Sharon Davis, piano); Eugene Bozza,  Caprice (Anthony Plog, trumpet; Sharon Davis, piano); Frank Campo, Duet for Equal Trumpets (Anthony Plog, Russell Kidd); Anthony Plog, Fanfare for Two Trumpets (Anthony Plog, Russell Kidd); Anthony Plog, Animal Ditties – based on poems by Ogden Nash (Anthony Plog, trumpet; Sharon Davis, piano; Hal Smith, narrator); Georges Enesco, Legend (Anthony Plog, trumpet; Sharon Davis, piano); Leroy Southers, Three Spheres (Anthony Plog, trumpet; Ken Wolfson, bassoon; Sharon Davis, piano)  UPC 009414736222. BUY NOW   

 A virtuoso player. Plog is a composer as well, represented by a brief Fanfare for Two Trumpets’ and ‘Animal Ditties’ a witty mini-suite for narrator (Hal Smith), trumpet and piano on poens by Ogden Nash....piano played impeccably by Sharon Davis...Enescu’s and Bozza’s works allow one to gauge Plog’s undeniable muscianship but it is the sheer diversity that is the winning feature of the disc.” Gramophone, June 2018, Guy Richards

The playing is first-rate, sound quality excellent,” American Record Guide, May/June 2018, Kilpatrick

”All in all, this is a great celebration of trumpet playing.” Fanfare July/August 2018, Colin Clarke

“Verne Reynold's three-movement’ Music for Five Trumpet’s has an all star lineup of players from the Los Angeles Philharmonic: Anthony Plog, Mario Guarneri,Robert DiVall, Irving Bush, and Thomas Stevens.  These people make consistently full-toned sounds and their intonation is impeccable.  The finale is very fast and exciting.  Plog's ‘Animal Ditties’ became an instant hit when this recording was made.  The very cute setting of Ogden Nash poems has trumpeter Plog and Pianist Sharon Davis interacting with the excellent narrator, Hal Smith.” (American Record Guide, Kilpatrick)

ANTHONY PLOG has performed with numerous orchestras around the world, including the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Basel Symphony, and the San Antonio Symphony (all as principal trumpet), the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and the Buenos Aires Symphony (as co-principal trumpet on tour), the Utah Symphony (as associate principal trumpet), and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. He has performed and recorded extensively as a chamber musician with groups such as the Fine Arts Brass Quintet, the Summit Brass (as a founding member of both), the St. Louis Brass Quintet, and as a substitute with the iconic New York Brass Quintet. He has also toured throughout the world and recorded as a soloist. His other solo CD on Crystal Records is CD663.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Trumpet Section (Robert DiVall, Thomas Stevens, Irving Bush, and Mario Guarneri) which played on this recording was an extremely versatile and recognized group of players. The individual players performed in such diverse musical settings as jazz, commercial recordings for major Hollywood studios, avant-garde chamber music, and solo appearances.

SHARON DAVIS’ musical training was in her native Los Angeles at the University of Southern California, then at the Juilliard School in New York and in Paris, France, on a Fulbright Scholarship. Her performances have been as piano soloist, collaborative pianist, and chamber player on tours and in live broadcasts in North America and Europe, plus work as a recording artist. As composer she won the Colorado Art Commission’s Creative Fellowship Award in Classical Composition, and she is active as editor, composer, and arranger for Western International Music, Inc.


CD362 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Reynolds: Music for Five Trumpets  I. Fanfare   II. Chorale   III. Finale    Hovhaness: Sonata for Trumpet and Organ, Mvt. I (begins at :28)    Tull: Three Bagatelles  I. Prelude   II. Improvisation   III. Caprice    Bozza: Caprice    Campo: Duet for Equal Trumpets    Plog: Fanfare for Two Trumpets    Plog: Animal Ditties  I. The Turtle (begins at :30)   II. The Python   III. The Hyena   IV. The Hog (begins at :35)    Enesco: Legend    Southers: Three Spheres  I. Sphere I   II. Sphere II (begins at 1:00)   III. Sphere III (begins at :55)

CD383-scan-for-iTunesCD383: THE BIG TROMBONE. Jeffrey Reynolds, Bass Trombone; and STERLING BRASS, Daniel Perantoni, Tuba; David Hickman, Trumpet. This compact disc is a combination of two albums originally released as LPs S383 and S394.

The Big Trombone: Galliard: Sonata No. 1 for bass trombone and piano (with Zita Carno piano); Gregory Kosteck: Concert Music for unaccompanied bass trombone; Donal Michalsky: Fantasia a due for horn and bass trombone (with Robert Henderson, horn); Patrick McCarty: Sonata for Bass Trombone and Piano (with Zita Carno, piano); Walter Hartley: Sonata Breve for unaccompanied bass trombone; Orlando Di Lasso: Susanne un Jour for bass trombone and vocal ensemble. Sterling Brass: Morgan Powell: Midnight Realities and Transition (tuba with the Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players); Glenn Hackbarth: Double Concerto (trumpet and tuba with the Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players). UPC 009414738325   BUY NOW

The Big Trombone features Jeffrey Reynolds, who was bass trombonist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for 40 years. Sterling Brass features Daniel Perantoni, tuba, and David Hickman, trumpet. Both were founding members of Summit Brass, and are international soloists. Perantoni and Hickman teach at Indiana University and Arizona State University, respectively.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Galliard, Sonata no 1 for Bassoon  Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3   Mvt 4   Mvt 5    Kosteck, Concert Music   Michalsky, Fantasia    McCarty, Sonata   Mvt 1   Mvt 2    Hartley, Sonata Breve   Mvt 1   Mvt 2    Di Lasso, Susanne un Jour    Powell, Midnight Realities and Transition  Hackbarth, Double Concerto   Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3

CD450: HERBERT L. CLARKE, CORNET SOLOIST OF THE SOUSA BAND. Complete collection of original double-sided recordings made 1900-1922 by Herbert L. Clarke, the most-acclaimed cornetist of all time. Over 75 minutes of music now on CD. CD450 scan for coverIncludes Carnival of Venice, Bride of the Waves, Sounds from the Hudson, Caprice Brilliante, Ah Cupid, Rondo Caprice, Showers of Gold, Stars in a Velvety Sky, Killarney, La Veta `Caprice, Perhaps Loveís Dream, Aloha Oe, Southern Cross, The Holy City, Once Upon a Time, Russian Fantasy, The Palms, Berceuse, Twilight Dreams, Love's Old Sweet Song, Macushla. UPC 009414745026 ORDER NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the title shown.
Bride of the Waves(rec. 1904)   Holy City(1900)   Sounds from the Hudson(1909)   Killarney(1901) Caprice Brilliante(1908)   Love's Dream(1901) Carnival of Venice(1909)   Ah Cupid(1909)   Bride of the Waves(1908)   Once Upon A Time(1909)   Rondo Caprice(1909)   Aloha Oe(1914) Russian Fantasie(1909)   the Palms(1916)   La Veta Caprice(1909)  Berceuse(1916) Valse Brilliante(1909)   Twilight Dreams(1917) Southern Cross(1912)   Love's Old Sweet Song(1917)    Showers of Gold(1912)    Macushla(1917) The Debutante(1908)    Killarney(1917) Carnival of Venice(1922)    Stars in a Velvety Sky(1922)

CD512-scan-for-iTunesCD512: TREASURES FOR HORN & TRUMPET.  Gregory Hustis, Horn; Richard Giangiulio, Trumpet; Eric Barr, Oboe; Dallas Chamber Orchestra. Leopold Mozart: Concerto in D for Horn & Orchestra; Johann Hertel: Concerto a 6 for Trumpet, Oboe, Strings, & Continuo;  Saint-Saens: Romances for Horn, op. 36 & 67; John Eccles: Symphony for Mercury; Beethoven: Sextet for Two Horns and Strings; Grimm-Freres: Two Waltzes and a March.
"...right, stylish performances." Los Angeles Times
UPC 009414751225 
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Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Leopold Mozart, Concerto in D:   Mvt 1 (Allegro moderato)    Mvt 2 (Menuet)    Mvt 3 (Andante)   Mvt 4 (Allegro)     Hertel, Concerto a 6: Mvt 1 (Allegro)   Mvt 2 (Arioso)   Mvt 3 (Allegro)   Saint-Saens: Romance, op. 36   Romance, op. 37   Eccles: Symphony for Mercury   Majestic  Allegro  Slow  Brisk</